Voli Air Individual Barrel Pocketed Spring Mattress (6″)


The time-honoured individual barrel shape pocket spring is refined and reintroduced in the form of the Voli Air pocket spring mattress. The makers of Voli Air is committed to producing the most affordable and authentic individual barrel shape pocket spring mattress because they believe a good sleep is not a luxury but a right we all deserve. The Voli pocket spring are scanned as they are produced by infrared and heat sensors to check for consistency in shape and resiliency so that Voli Air mattresses possess unrivalled quality and durability. Individual barrel shape pocket springs deliver a superior and more comfortable sleeping experience compared to continuous coil mattress as each pocket spring adjusts its height independently to provide the right degree of support for the user.



  • Individual Barrel Pocketed Spring
  • Soft knitted fabric
  • Hypo- allergenic
  • Anti Dustmite
  • Medium Firm
  • 10 years warranty against spring sagging








Additional information


91cm x 190cm x 15cm (6")


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