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The typical way to buy a mattress has always been to visit a mattress showroom, test all the mattresses there before deciding on which one to get. These days, more people are turning online to get their mattresses.

One might wonder then how is it that these people who buy a mattress online select the model to buy? Why don’t they need to test it out before buying?

The truth of the matter is that even if one goes to a showroom to test a mattress, you will not know if it suits you till you sleep on it for a couple of nights. In a showroom, many people would test a mattress for a few minutes. Only a handful would test a mattress for more than 10 minutes before making a decision.

We at Sleep Space understand this and also totally understand the insecurity one might have from buying a mattress before testing it out.

For this reason, we have been offering a Personalised Mattress Selection Shortlist Service for the past few years with great success. You tell us what you want/ like / need and we will shortlist the models for you. Just head over to this page and fill up the form.

Alternatively, if you prefer to chat with someone and get an answer immediately, chat with one of our sleep consultants using out Live Chat feature and get advice on what models of mattresses would be suitable for you.

Having served thousands of happy customer who have used our mattress selection service or Live Chat service, we are confident to recommend the perfect mattress for you as well.




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